RT (Russia Today) is the worst of MSM!

RT likes to present itself as ‘anti-MSM’ and people seem to have fallen for it – which is understandable for those who are not familiar with the broadcasters background and size.

It may be wise to say a few words about what people mean when they say MSM. Generally ‘mainstream media’ refers to broadcasters of large size, possibly 24/7 cable news, that are governed by another loosely defined term, ‘the establishment’, and big corporations that also belong to or support the ‘establishment’. By ‘the establishment’ people generally refer to the ruling political class.


Well Russia Today is both massive in its reach across TV, online news and Social Media. In fact RT itself quotes surveys putting it in the top 5 most watched international news channels in the UK and US.
Not only that, but it is funded by the government (this is public record, not conspiracy) at a level on par or beyond that of the BBC.
Apart from the govt, the other shareholders are all people/corporations close to the Kremlin. In other words RT is funded by the ‘establishment’ and its other shareholders besides the govt are government friendly corporations.

In fact, Russia Today has been so biased and so obviously in service of the Government that several of their TV hosts have quit live on-air in protest.

So if you are going to tout that you are anti-msm and still post RT articles left and right, you might want to wipe the egg off your face.

All in all, the video below may not have been made by RT, but they certainly try to portray their leader like this:

The End.

PS: Oops! recent blooper by RT: